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Image Scanner Banknote Detector

CounterfeitMoney | 

Imaging Banknote Detector

Imaging Banknote Detector

Ref: 91166264

Price: 75.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


CI Tech Pro Banknote Detector. Increase your chances of not taking a forgered banknote. No More Risk of Taking Counterfeit Notes
Making Counterfeit Detection of Sterling and Euro Notes Very Easy in a Matter of Seconds. Hi Tech Detection systems which include infrared, metal thread, imaging and magnetic ink detection along with paper money transparency. Effective detection solution.
Compact Design.
Large LCD Display.
Displays Denomination and Value.
Multifunctional Detection, Infrared, Metal Thread, Imaging and Magnetic Ink Detection and Money Transparency.
Easy Banknote Feeding.
GBP and Euro Notes.

Automatic counterfeit banknote imaging detector provides the multi function of Infrared, Metal Thread, Imaging and magnetic ink detection and also includes money transparency.

Mains or battery powered.

* Approved by European Central Bank
* GBP and Euro notes
* Displays denomination and value
* Large LCD Display

Mains or Li-ion Chargeable Battery (Supplied).

CounterfeitMoney | 

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